10 bonnes raisons pour investir en France

10 bonnes raisons pour investir en FranceL’Ambassade de France a Bangkok à lancé une campagne promotionnelle « 10 bonnes raisons pour investir en France » décrivant pourquoi la France est une destination de choix pour les investisseurs asiatiques en général, et Thaïlandais en particulier.

10 good reasons to invest in France #InvestinFrance

France is an open, competitive country, as can be seen by its strong, diversified economy. It is a leading destination for foreign talent and investment, having adapted its regulations to facilitate both, in addition to undertaking taxation reforms since 2012 to make it easier to live and work in France.

Moreover, if you are looking for a country which
– offers lower set-up and operating costs than many other competitive countries ;
– works with high hourly labour productivity ;
– provides simplified administrative procedures,
don’t hesitate to choose France !